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The Lives & Times of the Canterbury Tales Pilgrims


The pilgrims in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales are extremely well-known figures in literature, nearly as much so as the often studied and quoted characters of Shakespeare's plays. This is due, in part, to the historical importance of Squire Geoffrey's most famous work, but even more so to the fact that in his writings Chaucer tells us so much about these fictional travelers. The perfect, genteel Knight, the stout Miller, the white-bearded Franklin, and all the other pilgrims are introduced with such clarity and vivid descriptions that the reader is quick to feel that these people are alive and real. We know how they looked, how they dressed, what they did for a living, what made them happy or sad, how they wore their hair, and even what kind of horses they rode. We can easily picture the Prioress feeding her dogs in the convent, or the Wife of Bath having a good time brow-beating one of her husbands. In the pilgrims are traits that all of us recognize in ourselves or someone else, at one time or another. But, though he gives us details of the pilgrims themselves, there is much Chaucer does not tell us about. If the characters of Canterbury Tales had actually existed, what would their lives and this pilgrimage have been like?


The Wife of Bath, the Friar, and the Knight

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