Menu for the Alabama Renaissance Faire, October 19th, 2002

Gode Cookery: James Matterer, Glenda Cockrum, & Darell McCormick

This is the official menu for this event.
The recipes are HERE. The ingredients list is HERE.

The Furst Course

Manchet - white bread. 1 medium-sized loaf, done with the traditional medieval cross, for each diner.
Botere - butter.
Sallet - salad of various lettuces & herbs, raisins, oranges, lemons, cucumbers, & nuts, dressed with red wine vinegar, oil, and a little sugar, from  Forme of Cury and Sallets, Humbles, & Shrewsbery Cakes.
Apple Muse - a thick & creamy apple soup, from Harleian MS. 279.
Potus - Hot Honey Lemonade and Raspberry Tisane.

Entremet for the King

The king will be presented with a gift from the kitchen, the Chest of Golden Unicorns, which will later be featured in the Entremectz Mouvans.

The Second Course

Funges - a dish of mushrooms cooked in broth & spices, from Forme of Cury.
Carrots - a simple dish of carrots preserved lightly in honey, from Le Menagier de Paris.
Makerouns- a dish of home-made noodles layered with cheese & spices (medieval "macaroni-n-cheese"), from Forme of Cury.
Poulés Rostis - roast hen served with 3 different dipping sauces: Cold Sage Sauce (savory), Cameline Sauce (hot & spicy mustard), & Verjuice (sweet & sour cherry sauce). From Le Viandier de Taillevent.
Seed Cake - a sweet seed cake.

Entremectz Mouvans

"Olivier de la Marche describes a.... category of entertainment, which he terms Entremectz Mouvans. During a banquet, intricate scenes mounted on wheeled platforms are towed or pushed throughout the hall to the delight and wonderment of the guests." - from Le Viandier de Taillevent, Terence Scully.

Une tour. A Tower. If you wish to make a tower covered with cloth painted as if it were masonry, it should have four windows at the four corners of the tower, and there should be in them the likeness of Saracens and Moors shooting at the wild man who is trying to attack them. To make the wild man you need a tall, erect, handsome man dressed in a linen robe with leggings and shoes of matching material; and the robe should be covered completely with painted hemp. In the tower you need the representation of a young lad who is disguised as the wild boy, and he should have leather balls, stuffed with flocks of wool or yarn, painted to look like stones, to throw at the wild man. - from Le Viandier de Taillevent.

Our version of this spectacle will feature a tower defended by three wild men (also called woodwoses). Within the tower is the King's chest, stolen by the woodwoses. On command of the King, three guards attack the tower, and the woodwoses retaliate by throwing the mock stones described above. After defeating the wild men, the guards return the chest to the King, who orders its contents distributed to all those present in the hall. The feast servers then emerge and give to each diner one large, molded wafer, in the design seen HERE, and the spectacle is ended.

See Woodwoses HERE.

The Thrid Course

Stwed Beeff- boneless beef ribs baked in a faux red wine sweet & sour sauce, with currants & onions, from Harleian MS. 4016.
Perys en Composte - pears cooked in faux white wine date sauce, from Harleian MS 279.
Sambocade - elderflower cheesecake flavored with rosewater, baked in individual tarts, from Forme of Cury.

The .iiij. Course of Roial spicerye

Firenze Wafers - small fleur-de-lis cakes.
Spiced Fruit - orange slices in spices.

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