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To make a tarte of goseberies

PERIOD: England, 1545 | SOURCE: A Propre new booke of Cokery | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A recipe for making a gooseberry tart

To make a tarte of goseberies.

Take goseberies and parboyle theim in whyte wyne / claret or ale / and boyle with all a litle whyte brede / then take them vp & drawe them through a strayner as thicke as you can with the yolkes of vi egges / then ceason it vp with suger / half a dissh of butter / so bake it.

To make a tart of gooseberries.

Take gooseberries and parboil them in white wine / claret or ale / and boil with all a little white bread / then take them up & draw them through a strainer as thick as you can with the yolks of 6 eggs / then season it up with sugar / half a dish of butter / so bake it.

  • Gooseberries
  • White wine, claret, or ale
  • Unseasoned white bread crumbs
  • Egg yolks
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • One 9-inch pie shell, made with shorte paest for tart
Boil the gooseberries in the alcohol until very soft and tender, almost a pulp. Stir in enough bread crumbs to thicken the gooseberry mixture and cook for several minutes. In a food processor of blender, purée the gooseberries and bread into a smooth, thick mass. Purée in the egg yolks, then add sugar to taste. Lay the butter out in small pieces in the bottom of the pie shell, then fill pie with the gooseberry filling. Bake until pastry is golden brown and the filling is bubbling.


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