Pennsic War XXX (2001)

Vigil & Reception for Their Royal Highnesses of AEthelmearc
August 12th in the AEthelmearc Royal Encampment

The reception started with a table of appetizer and "finger-foods," followed by a full dinner.

Fine cakes
Shrewsbury cakes
Seed cake
Golden Escarbuncles (fried wafers)
Wafers with cheese
Candied seeds
A Soltetie of a window from Chartres Cathedral

Saffron chicken
Pumpes (meatballs with raisins)
Composte of peppers (pickled peppers)
Composte (pickled vegetables)
Composte of pasternakes (sweet and sour carrots)
Stuffed vine leaves
Soltetie of two roast ducks endored


Lady Glynnis at the beginning of the reception, just after set-up of the "finger-foods" table. On the board are a platter of grapes, center, and moving clockwise, wafers, escarbuncle wafers, cheese, seed cake, the soltetie (see below), Fine Cakes, Shrewsbury Cakes, and two small bowls containing candied seeds. Not visible is a bowl of walnuts.

Here is the soltetie created by Lord Cydifor & Lady Glynnis, a recreation in sugar paste of a window from Chartres Cathedral, showing a fight between a Christian & a Saracen knight. 3 more pictures follow, below.


The soltetie survived Pennsic with barely a scratch, and has been  preserved for additional use at future events.

This is the table which featured the dinner foods. From left to right is seen a platter of sallet, a bowl of composte, a platter of stuffed vine leaves, a platter of pumpes, then in front the two roasted endored ducks, followed by a platter of saffron chicken, a bowl of composte of pasternakes, then finally a bowl of dried roasted chick peas. Not visible is a bowl of blankmanger. The basket of flowers was provided by Countess Dorinda & Baroness Genevieve; in the back is seen hanging the arms of AEthelmearc.

Here is one of the ducks, its platter garnished with a few of the pasternake composte, the bowl of which is seen in the upper right. Also seen is a platter of the saffron chicken, behind in center. The ducks were quite delicious!

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