An Evening at Appleton Manor

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005 at Gulf Wars XIV
Dinner for the Royalty of the Known World

Head cook: Lisa Holcomb-Blair

Mushrooms in Cream

Manchet with Quince Paste and Gooseberry Preserves

Salat of Herbs, Greens & Flowers

White biskits with Orange Marmalade

Hens with Pickled Peaches and Pomegranate Sauce

Asparagus & Pickled Ramps

Savory Toasted Cheese with Sippets

Sweet Potatoes

Finger Biskits with Violet scented Cream

A Gammon of Bacon with Pickled Mushrooms and Mustard Sauce

Salad of Greens and Fruit

Short Cakes with Rose Petal Jam

Red Deare with spiced Apples

The Lord of Devonshire's Pudding

Almond Tarts With Four Sauces:
Lavender Jelly, Strawberry Raspberry syrup, Apricot rasyne conserve, & Clear Quince Honey



Fennel Comfits

© 2005 Lisa Holcomb-Blar/Gode Cookery

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