Coqz Heaumez by Claude Huyghens

This artwork has been identified! Gode Cookery was very glad to receive this letter:
Subject: Les Fetes Gourmandes au Moyen Age.
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001

Dear James,

I would like to identify the photograph (not a painting!) of the Coq in your web site: French photographer Claude Huyghens from his book: Fetes Gourmandes au Moyen Age (editions Imprimerie Nationale, 1998)

Please credit him for the extraordinary photos that accompany the equally extraordinary scholarly recreation of "sumptuous still-lifes (which) reveal a concern for scientific and authentic representation" with detailed commentary and recipes.

With the participation and presence of four of the book's  French contributors (Jean-Louis Flandrin, historian; Claude Huyghens, photographer, Francoise Danrigal, food journalist, and Yves Pinard, chef (Canadian Carole Lambert could not join us), I organized, promoted, and acted as agent for the North American book tour for this outstanding publication at three respective venues in 1998: two medieval feasts, a medieval taste-testing, slide and art presentations, a scholarly seminar.

The photographer/artist, journalist, chef and scholars merit acknowledgement for their many years of research and collaboration for an excellent source that your site should mention, in all fairness. If you need more information in English, I would be delighted to furnish it; otherwise, I can put you in contact with Mr. Huyghens.

Kandace Lombart
Medieval Moments

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