A Boke of Gode Cookery Presents

For Gusset that may be an other potage

PERIOD: England, 1545 | SOURCE: A Propre new booke of Cokery | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A thick dish of eggs & herbs cooked in capon broth

For Gusset that may be an other potage.

Take the broath of the same capons & put in a faire chaffer / then take a dozen or xvi egges and stere them al togither whyte and all / then grate a fathynge white loaf as small as ye can & mynce it with the egges all togither and put thereto salte and a good quantite of safron / and or ye put in your egges / put into your broth / tyme / sauery / margeron and parsley smal chopped / & when ye ar redy to your dyner / set the chaffer vppon the fyer with the broath and let it boyle a lytell and put in your egges / and stere it vp well for qualynge the lesse. The lesse boyling it hath / the more tender it wyll be / and then serue it forth .ii. or .iii. slyces vpon a disshe.

For Gusset that may be another pottage.

Take the broth of the same capons & put in a fair chafing dish / then take a dozen or 16 eggs and stir them all together white and all / then grate a farthing white loaf as small as you can & mince it with the eggs all together and put thereto salt and a good quantity of saffron / and or you put in your eggs / put into your broth / thyme / savory / marjoram and parsley small chopped / & when you are ready to your dinner / set the chafing dish upon the fire with the broth and let it boil a little and put in your eggs / and stir it up well for quailing the less. The less boiling it has / the more tender it will be / and then serve it forth 2 or 3 slices upon a dish.

Quayl, quail - to curdle.

See: To stew capons in white broth


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