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To make a Tarte of Chese

PERIOD: England, 1545 | SOURCE: A Propre new booke of Cokery | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A recipe for making a cheese tart

To make a Tarte of Chese.

Take harde chese and cut it in slyces / and pare it / than laye it in fayre water or in swete milke the space of thre houres / than take it vp and breake it in a morter tyll it be small / than draw it vp thorow a strainer with the yelkes of vi egges and ceason it vp with suger and swete butter / and so bake it.

To make a Tart of Cheese.

Take hard cheese and cut it in slices / and pare it / then lay it in fair water or in sweet milk the space of three hours / then take it up and break it in a mortar till it be small / then draw it up through a strainer with the yolks of 6 eggs and season it up with sugar and sweet butter / and so bake it.


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