A Boke of Gode Cookery Presents

Archers to the Wald III

Hosted by the SCA & the Canton of Steltonwald (Beaver Co., Pennsylvania), Sept. 21, 2002

Cook: Glenda Cockrum (Lady Glynis of the Inn of the Laughing Fox)

First Course

Bread | Butter | Fresh Grapes | A Grand Sallat | A Tart for Ymbre Day

Second Course

Gourds in Potage | Stwed Beef | Buttered Carrots | Buttered Turnips

Third Course

Wafers | Spice Cakes

About the cook: Glenda Cockrum is a wife, mother, grocery store manager, & the owner & operator of the Ambridge Family Theater in Ambridge, PA. In the SCA she is apprenticed to Master Huen Damebrigge and is a member of Gode Cookery.

Archers to the Wald III © 2002 Glenda Cockrum

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