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To make buttyrd Wortys

PERIOD: England, late 15th c. | SOURCE: MS Pepys 1047 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: Buttered herbs served on diced bread.

Facsimile of receipt from the original manuscript:

Transcription of original receipt:

To make buttyrd Wortys

Take all maner of gode herbys that ye may gette pyke them washe them and hacke them and boyle them vp in fayre water and put ther to butture clarefied A grete quantite And when they be boylde enowgh salt them but let non Ote mele come ther yn And dyse brede in small gobbetts & do hit in dyshys and powre the wortes A pon and serue hit furth.

Modern translation:

To make buttered wortes.

This recipe is nearly identical to one in Harleian 4016, Buttered Wortes:

Take al maner of good herbes that thou may gete, and do bi ham as is foresaid; putte hem om þe fire with faire water; put þere-to clarefied buttur a grete quantitie. Whan thei ben boyled ynogh, salt hem; late none otemele come there-in. Dise brede small in disshes, and powre on þe wortes, and serue hem forth. (Austin, 69)

Modern recipe:

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