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To make A podyng of A nox or of A shepe

PERIOD: England, late 15th c. | SOURCE: MS Pepys 1047 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: Beef or lamb blood sausages.

Facsimile of receipt from the original manuscript:

Transcription of original receipt:

To make A podyng of A nox or of A shepe

Take the blode and swyng hit with thy hand and cast a way the lumpys that kyeneth (14.1) then take sewet of the same and mynse hit small and put in to þe blode also put in plenty of otyn grytts and fyll up thy ropeys (14.2) with the same and sethe them and after broyle them When they be colde And serue þem forth.

Modern translation:

To make a pudding of an oxe or a sheep.

Take the blood and beat it with your hand and throw away the lumps that come. (14.1) Then take the oxe or sheep suet and mince it small and put it into the blood. Also put in plenty of oat grits and fill up the guts (14.2) with the same and boil them and after broil them. When they are cold serve them forth.

(14.1) kyeneth - possibly related to komyth.

(14.2) ropeys - guts; in this case, the intestines which are used as sausage casings. See Austin, p. 143 for the definition of Roppis & Ropes.

Modern recipe:

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