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To make gallentyne

PERIOD: England, late 15th c. | SOURCE: MS Pepys 1047 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: Standard medieval sauce of bread crumbs, vinegar, & spices.

Facsimile of receipt from the original manuscript:

Transcription of original receipt:

To make gallentyne (13.1)

Take Crustys of white sowre brede and tost hit tyll hit be brown brynnyd and stepe hit in vynAgyre and draw hem throwgh A streynner with the same vynneAger set on the fyre And boyle hit well and cast ther yn sawnders pouder of gynger And synamom and a litell pepur And if hit be to terte put more sugar ther to And that will Amend hit.

Modern translation:

To make galantine (13.1).

Take crusts of sour white bread and toast it til it is burnt brown and steep it in vinegar and pass it through a strainer with the same vinegar. Set it on the fire and boil it well and add sandalwood, powdered ginger, cinnamon, and a little pepper. And if it is too tart add more sugar and that will amend it.

(13.1) gallentyne - a common and popular medieval spiced sauce thickened with breadcrumbs, and sometimes containing the spice galingale, from which its name may be derived.

Modern recipe:

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