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To make Creme of Almoundes

PERIOD: England, late 15th c. | SOURCE: MS Pepys 1047 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A thick cream made of almond milk.

Facsimile of receipt from the original manuscript:

Transcription of original receipt:

To make Creme of Almoundes

Blanche almounds kepe them As ye may them temper up to A thycke mylke with fayre water streyne hit and put hit in A pott and set hit on the fyre stere hit well when hit begynnys to ryse up take hit of yf thow have moche do ther to A dyschfull of VynAgyr yf thou have but a litell do the lesse hele (5.1) the pot let hit stonde A whyle. Take a clene cloth holdyn a brode betwene .iiij. folkes streyte & cast the creme þer on with a ladyll as brode as the cloth And rubbe the cloth toward and froward with the egge of the ladyll that þer may woyde the water. Then gather hit to geder in þe myddyl of the cloth bynde the .iiij. Corners to geder and hang on A pynne that the Water may soke onto And then do hit in A bolle And tempyr hit up wyth white wyne And bete hit with a sawser on to the tyme that hit be softe.

Modern translation:

(5.1) hele - cover; see Austin, p. 132.

Modern recipe:

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