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To make Chawden for A Swan or for Wylde gose

PERIOD: England, late 15th c. | SOURCE: MS Pepys 1047 | CLASS: Authentic

DESCRIPTION: A sauce for swan or goose.

Facsimile of receipt from the original manuscript:

Transcription of original receipt:

To make Chawden (4.1) for A Swan or for Wylde gose

Take the herte of the Swanne the gysserue the wynges And fete And set hit over the fyre yn a pott wyth fayre water and draw a lyre (4.2) with brede and rede wyne And put to the same And seson hit vp with powder of pepyr pouder of gynger and salt and loke hit have a goode coloure of his own blode And dresse the Chawden with the purtenante (4.3) A Cordyn (4.4) ther with.

Modern translations:

(1) To make Chaudon (4.1) for a swan or wild goose.

Take the heart of the swan the gizzards the wings and feet and set it over the fire in a pot with fair water and draw a layour (4.2) with bread and red wine and put to the same and season it up with powder of pepper powder of ginger and salt and look it have a good color of his own blood and dresse the chaudon with the appurtenant (4.3) accordant (4.4) there with.

(2) To make giblet sauce (4.1) for swan or wild goose.

Take the heart, gizzards, wings, and feet of a swan and set them on the fire in a pot of water. Make a thickening (4.2) out of bread and red wine and mix it with the giblets. Season with pepper, ginger, and salt. Be sure that the sauce is colored with swan blood. Use the giblet sauce to dress the parts (4.3) of the swan most appropriate (4.4) for it.

(4.1) chawden - entrails & organ meats; more specifically, the sauce made from these parts of the animal. In this recipe what is also called the pettitoes, the gizzards, feet, and head are used, and not such organ meats as kidneys, the liver, etc. See Hieatt's definition of chauden/chaudon in Curye on Inglish, p. 176 and Austin, p. 124.

(4.2) lyre - a thickening; a mixture. See Hieatt, Curye on Inglisch, p. 199 and Austin, p. 135.

(4.3) purtenante - appurtenant; accessory, part, accompaniment, etc. (ME Dictionary)

(4.4) A Cordyn - accordant; in agreement, in harmony, etc. See Austin, p. 119.

Modern version:

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