The Kitchen of Mirth presents
A Bill of Fare

A Bill of Fare, invented by the choisest Pallats of our time, both for Worth and Wit, wherein are appointed such Rare and Admirable Dishes, as are not to bee had every where; and may be expected dayly at the Five pound Ordinary: as it came to my hands I give it you freely (Gentlemen) with some Addition of Dishes of mine owne.

Foure Phantasmaes, two boil'd and two roasted.

One Dish of Cadulsets.

A stew'd Torpedo.

One Dish of Andovians.

One Phoenix in white Broath.

One fore-legge of a Greene Dragon bak'd.

Foure Pellican Chickens.

Two Dottrells broyl'd.

A Dish of Elephants Pettitoes.

A Rhinorsceros boyld in Allecant.

A Calves Head roast with a Pudding in the belly.

A sowst Owle.

A Dish of Irish Harts Horne boil'd into Jelly, with a golden Horse-shooe dissolv'd in it.

One Lobster fry'd in steaks.

Nine Soales of a Goose.

Three Ells of a Jackanapes taile.

Two Cockatrices.

Two dryed Sallamanders.

One boild Eele-pie.

A Dish of Quishquillions.

A Dish of Modicums boild with Bonum.

A Dish of Bounties wuth Sorrell-soppes.

A Gull pickled.

A Tantablin with an Onion.

A Sallet of Goose-grease and Chickweed-fruite.

A West-India Cheese.

One Hundred of Coaker-Nuts.

Fifty Pine-apples.

Twelve Palmitaes.

  • A Bill of Fare. Source: Taylor, John. Taylor's Feast. London: Printed by J. Okes dwelling in little St. Bartholmews, 1638
Pettitoes are an animal's head, feet, & gizzards.

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