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A Spitch-cocke, or roasted Eele turn'd to a Bull

There was a great Dispute held amongst good fellows once, of what thing in the world would live longest after exquisite and extreame Torments: the Judgement was generall, that it was an Eele, for first hee would live after his head was off; after he was flay'd, after hee had his entrailes and heart taken out, after he was cut in peeces, yet every peece would have life in it, after it was laid on the Gridyron: Then one of the company said, I doe approove of your opinions; for an Eele doth live longer after hee is dead, than any other thing that ever liv'd on the earth.

  • A Spitch-cocke, or roasted Eele turn'd to a Bull. Source: Taylor, John. Taylor's Feast. London: Printed by J. Okes dwelling in little St. Bartholmews, 1638

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