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A cup of Sacke

Now it is but folly to offer a little Sacke to my Readers, for it is not a little or small Sack that can hold them; yet for all that they may hold or contayne a little Sacke, (when they have it.) A roaring Gallant having dranke so much Sacke, that his head and his belly were full, and empty of Ebriety and Sobriety, and his purse and brayne discharg'd of Wit and Money, was inforced to cast up his Sacke with more haste than he receiv'd it, which being done, and his stomacke somewhat eas'd, hee threw the Pottle-pot downe the staires, saying, Drawers, you Rogues, bring more Sacke, for all this is gone.

  • A cup of Sacke. Source: Taylor, John. Taylor's Feast. London: Printed by J. Okes dwelling in little St. Bartholmews, 1638
Sack was a type of Spanish white wine, very popular and quite common; it is is one of the ingredients in A Posset.

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