The Kitchen of Mirth presents
Puddings and Sawsadges

The Pudding and the Sawsadges will bee cold Gentlemen, if you doe not fall to, and then they will not be worth a sir-reverance; and methinks it is an easie peece of Logick, to prove a Pudding to bee a perpetuall motion, for it is alwayes moving.

And as an Arrow, flies from the Butt to Butt
So doth a Pudding poste, from gut to gut.

Simon Wadle, a Vintner, (that once kept the Taverne neere the Temple-barre, at the Signe of Saint Dunstane) with some other Vintners, had been to taste and buy Wines at the Merchants, and having done their occasions, happened into the three Tunnes at Garlike-bithe, where all the meate they could have on the suddaine, was a pound of Sawsadges; Wadle being hungry, had no great stomacke to have so many partners in so small a dish, and having an old rotten Tooth in his pocket, (which a Barbar in Fleet-streete had drawne from him the day before) hee secretly convey'd, and thrust the said Tooth into one of the Sawsadges, which he himselfe first tooke into his hand; and after his associates had each one tasted a little, and began to bee quicke and nimble, Wadle snap'd his old tooth in his chaps, and pulling it forth, shewed it to the company, upon the sight whereof they were all struck with feare and amazement, beleeving by the Tooth, that the Sawsages had beene made of Mans flesh: so they call'd for Sacke and Sallet-oyle, supposing they had beene poysoned; but Wadle fell to with a good stomacke, saying that hee could be no worse poysened with them than hee was: The man of the house vowed that the murderous Jade that made the Sawsages, should be burnt. But after Wadle had eaten up all, hee sent for the Barbar that drew the Tooth, and every man was presently cured, and the Sawsage-woman escaped burning.

  • Puddings and Sawsadges. Source: Taylor, John. Taylor's Feast. London: Printed by J. Okes dwelling in little St. Bartholmews, 1638

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