The Kitchen of Mirth presents
Powderd Beefe and Cabbage

A Water-man (now living) named Gilford, dwelt on the Bank-side, and comming home to his Dinner, which was Beefe and Cabbage, of which hee had made pottage, hee prayed his wife to make haste, and take it off the Fire, that hee might quickly dine, and bee gone; and whilst the woman was reaching a Porrenger and Platter, a Cur-dog came into the house, lifted up his legge, and pist in the Porridge-pot amongst the meate and Cabbage, which the man perceiving told his Wife, and catch'd the dogge, and almost beate him to death: but the woman intreated her Husband to eate his Dinner, for it should bee never the worse, when shee had strayned the Pottage through a cleane cloath, but all her perswasions could not make him eate.

  • Powderd Beefe and Cabbage. Source: Taylor, John. Taylor's Feast. London: Printed by J. Okes dwelling in little St. Bartholmews, 1638

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