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Paschal Lamb

This is a replica of the oldest carved wooden Springerle mold still in existence, currently in the National Museum, Zurich. The paschal lamb (with its undocked tail and woolly coat) is large & intricate, while the entire design is filled with rich symbolism.
(The picture above is of the mold, and not the cookie itself)

Size: XL (4 1/2" diameter).

Shape: circle.

1 - $2.00; 6 - $10.00; 12 - $20.00; 50 - $75.00; 100 - $100.00.

S & H:
cost determined by quantity ordered.

This is a VERY authentic, medieval design, dating from the 14th c. Please note the crack running from above the lamb's head to the lamb itself, and the border that is worn away, near the tail - these are not defects, but qualities of the original mold that have been reproduced along with the design. This one always elicits "ooh"s and "ah"s!


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