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Early Greek Orthodox Holy Communion wafer, very large, decorated with Christian symbolism and the Greek words IC XC NIKA (Jesus Christ Conquers).
(The picture above is of the mold, and not the cookie itself)

Size: L (3 7/8" diameter).

Shape: circle.

1 - $1.00; 6 - $5.00; 12 - $10.00; 50 - $40.00; 100 - $60.00.

S & H: $10.00 for every 50 cookies.

This is a beauty - large, detailed, full of symbolism, and very authentic. The A-shape in the center left represents the Virgin Mary & her parents, while the nine pyramids in the center right symbolize the nine groups of believers who will ascend to heaven. The original design was about 9" in diameter and was intended for prosphoron, or holy bread; our design is reproduced smaller and was made for Springerle.


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