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Old Fool

Adults only! A late medieval or Renaissance carving, slightly ribald.
(The picture above is of the mold, and not the cookie itself)

Size: M (
2 5/8" x 2 1/2").


1 - $.75; 6 - $4.50; 12 - $9.00; 50 - $30.00; 100 - $50.00.

S & H: $9.00 for every 100 cookies.

Notes: This one had us ROTFLOT (rolling on the floor, laughing out loud) when we first saw it! An old jester, or fool, leers as he fondles the exposed breast of a toothy old woman in a wimple. This is a "true" medieval design - the fool is done in the authentic donkey ears that medieval jesters actually wore but are never associated with today. A medieval scholar & friend of ours has told us that he has seen variations of this particular design in period illuminations - perhaps this was a running gag of the time! The detail of the faces is stunning, and one can even see the small buttons on the lady's opened collar.


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