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Incredible, medieval design! 2 musicians play lute & harp at an elaborate fountain, while a dog laps at the overflow. Marvelously detailed; a stunning piece of art.
(The picture above is of the mold, and not the cookie itself)

Size: L (3 7/8" diameter).

Shape: circle.

1 - $1.00; 6 - $5.00; 12 - $10.00; 50 - $40.00; 100 - $60.00.

S & H: $10.00 for every 50 cookies.

Fantastic! And as detailed as the above photograph is, it hardly does this cookie justice - it must be seen to be believed. The original mold was hand-carved in 16th c. Germany, approximately 1500-1500 AD.

Musicians on display at the Mid-Winter Feast,
Faith United Methodist Chirch, Pittsburgh, PA, 2005.


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