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Small glove with outstretched palm, accented with 3 roses.
(The picture above is of the mold, and not the cookie itself)

Size: S (1 3/8" x 2 5/8").

Shape: free-form.

1 - $.50; 6 - $3.00; 12 - $6.00; 50 - $25.00; 100 - $40.00.

S & H: $8.00 for every 100 cookies.

A gage is the glove thrown down to announce the challenging of a duel; with a small heart design on the palm, this could very well be the "gage of love." This cookie is trimmed so that it looks just like  a little glove - a platter full is a very impressive site! Jim likes eating these with ice cream - the fingers & palm make a tasty little scoop to eat the ice cream with!


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