Hear ye, Hear ye!
2003 Renaissance feast of illusions

Flor-Ala, Oct. 16, 2003

By Liz Myers

Feast will take place this weekend at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum. Come for a night of fine food and great entertainment, all centered around the historical Renaissance era.

Guests will be treated to a third year of Chief Master Huen's (Jim Matterer) creative and fantastic cuisine. This year's menu will be centered around "illusion foods" for this year's wizard king.

The first course of the night will be knots (bread and butter), snails (beef stew), frogs (chicken wings cut to look like frog legs) and a basket of flowers (salad with vegetables and eggs cut into flower shapes, served in a basket).

The second course will treat feasters to little leaves (fried spinach, chard and onions), small worms that are found in cheese (vermicelli pasta with cheese), dragon (fried or roasted chicken breasts) and shells (cakes shaped like seashells).

The third and final course of the night will start with fawn (beans in sauce), crabs (apples in honey and anise), hats (beef and fruit pies shaped like Robin Hood hats, garnished with a feather) and peacock eyes (traditional European cookies).

The final dish of the feast will be a special dessert of chocolate chess pieces to coincide with the live chess match that will happen at the beginning of the dinner.

Not only will audiences be entertained with a live chess game, but belly dancers, a Renaissance fashion show, traditional ancient dancing with audience participation and a chance to meet and greet with fellow feasters. Anyone who comes to the feast will also have a chance to be crowned next year's king or queen of the Renaissance Faire. Diners are given a piece of cake with the chance of finding a gold coin inside, securing their place on next October's throne.

A list of ingredients will be provided to guests to prevent allergy mishaps. Many dishes, unless meat, are suitable for vegetarian diners.

Although dressing in Renaissance attire is half the fun to some, it is not required to enter the feast. The feast is also open to any and all who wish to come. Tickets will sold for $20 at Anderson's Books in downtown Florence and the Kennedy Douglas Art Center across from Wilson Park. Festivities start at 7 p.m.

So, forget your homework and come eat, drink and be merry at the 2003 Alabama Renaissance Feast.

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