Alabama Renaissance Faire: The 2011 Feast
October 15th, 2011

Gode Cookery in Alabama, 2011:
James Matterer, Darell McCormick, & Tammy Crawford
Assisted by John Iaria & Chris Solis
Special thanks to Ann Iaria

Proposed menu for Alabama 2011 (1st Draft)
Any changes will be forthcoming

All recipes are from The Book of Bent Sovi; Medieval recipes from Catalonia by Robin Vogelzang

1st Course

Brou de Galines / Chicken Broth
Chicken broth with  minced chicken, ginger, spices, slivered almonds, & parsley.

Lletugat / Lettuce Puree
Lettuce mix with onion & cheese, tossed with vinegar & oil.


2nd Course

A Farcir Capons / To Stuff Capons
1/2 game hen stuffed w/ ground pork, beaten eggs, spices, & white grape juice. Garnished with a sweet lemon sauce.

Espinacs / Spinach
Chopped spinach cooked in olive oil.

Alidem ab Ous /  Parsley sauce with eggs
A salad of chopped hard boiled eggs, onions, parsley, oil, vinegar, & spices.

Presentation of Thier Royal Majesties'  Wafer

3rd Course

Salsa A Tota Carn / Sauce for any kind of meat
Roast Beef in a sauce of broth, fried parsley & onions.

Cirons Tendres / Tender Chickpeas
Chick peas in almond milk, with onions, basil, marjoram,herbs, ginger,& grape juice.

Porrada / Leek Puree
Chopped leeks fried in oil.

4th Course

Nous Confites / Candied Walnuts
Walnuts candied in honey.

Ordiat / Barley Cream
Barley pudding of milk & sugar.

© 2011 Gode Cookery

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