Alabama Renaissance Faire: The 2007 Feast
October 20th, 2007

Gode Cookery in Alabama, 2007:
James Matterer, Darell McCormick, Glenda Cockrum

1st Course

Pane e Burro / Bread & Butter
Brodo de Ciceri / Chick-Pea Broth
A soup of chick peas, herbs, & spices

Insalata / Salad
An organic Spring mix tossed w/ vin & oil

2nd Course

Sfarsimento a Capone / Stuffing for a Capon
Cornish game hen stuffed with chicken breast, ham, & herbs

Zuche / Squash
Squash cooked in broth thickened w/ egg yolks & cheese
Macharoni Ciciliani / Sicilian Macaroni
Macaroni garnished with cheese, butter, & spices

Piselli cum Carne Salada / Peas with Salt Pork
Peas fried with bacon, lemon juice, sugar, & cinnamon

Presentation of the Royal Wafer

3rd Course

Carne dentro Salsa Sarazinesca / Meat in Saracen Sauce
Beef in a sauce of wine & herbs, served kebab-style

Riso alla Italiana / Rice in the Italian Style
Rice cooked in meat broth with pepper & cheese

Fava In Padella / Broad Beans in a Pan
Broad beans fried with apples & figs

4th Course

Zabaglone / Zabaglione
Sweet thickened cream & ginger wafers

Alabama Ale / Sweet tea
Renn Wine / Lemonade

© 2007 Gode Cookery

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